The Ketubah Prep, Only at Alltmont's

      For those that aren’t familiar, a ketubah is a traditional wedding contract that is an integral part of a traditional Jewish marriage. Historically, it was used as a kind of prenuptial agreement, promising financial and other practical protections, and bound by the law. Today, the ketubah is a beautiful piece of artwork that often hangs in the home of the married couple as a reminder of their vows to each other.

     Here at Alltmont’s Fine Custom Framing, we see all kinds of ketubot (plural for ketubah,) from traditional decorative certificates to custom hand-painted works of art. Since the ketubah is a unique and irreplaceable document for each particular couple, it needs to be handled with care!

     At Alltmont’s, we provide a free service for the careful handling of your ketubah that we call “ketubah prep.” Because the document must be signed by witnesses and is usually displayed for guests to see at the wedding ceremony, we have developed a secure way for the ketubah to be protected from potential wedding ruckus and remain accessible for the signing. Plus, it has to look pretty!

     Bring in your ketubah and we will prepare it to be easily accessed for signing and proudly displayed on an easel for all your guests to enjoy at your reception. During our process, nothing is permanently attached to the ketubah, so that afterwards we can easily incorporate it into your finalized custom framing design.

     We offer this as a complimentary service to ensure this irreplaceable piece of artwork is preserved for years to come! We make the framing process easy with the option to design everything when you initially drop off your ketubah for prep, or it can be handled once the wedding is over and you are relaxed. If you choose to design before the wedding, we will hold all of the details in our system until it returns to us signed, sealed and delivered.

     We thank you for trusting us with your ketubah and are so honored to be able to make this process as smooth and safe as possible.