How to choose Glass or Plexi: Which Glazing is best for you?

    When framing your artwork or photograph, an important thing to consider is the type of “glazing” to use for your piece. The term “glazing” refers to the many types of glass or plexi-glass used to protect your artwork from the elements. Here we will explain the different glazing options available at Alltmont’s and how to choose the right glazing for your piece!

    At our frame shop, all of our glass and plexi-glass options have UV-protection. It’s very important for the longevity of your photos, paper artwork, or posters to be protected from damaging sun exposure. Without UV protection, your piece is very likely to fade over time. That’s why at Alltmont’s we stock only high-quality, UV safe options.

    Our standard glass option that we suggest for most pieces is called Conservation Clear Glass. The clarity is great, it’s UV-protected, and it can be cleaned with your household glass cleaner and a soft cloth. It's easy, safe, and looks great!

    If you are looking for something even clearer, we suggest Museum Glass. As the name suggests, it is typically used in gently-lit museum settings because the clarity is superb - it almost looks like there isn’t any glass there at all! However, it is not technically an anti-glare glass, so there may still be reflections visible if you hang your piece in a room that gets a lot of light. Also, it is best to clean it with a micro-fiber cloth without any chemical cleaning solutions, as the surface of Museum Glass has a coating that is more delicate than Conservation Clear.

    If you want to purchase anti-reflective glass, we can certainly order some for you, but we don’t typically recommend it. Anti-glare or anti-reflection glass has much poorer clarity - it diffuses the light, but it gives the glass a slightly foggy look. If you know you are hanging a large piece in a very brightly lit room, anti-reflective glass may be appropriate, just remember that it’s not going to have the same clarity for your image as Conservation Clear Glass.

    We carry an excellent plexi-glass option as well! Plexi-glass is suggested in the following cases: 

  • If your piece is very large, plexi is much lighter than glass and easier to handle for over-sized pieces.
  • If you don’t want to use a mat around your artwork, plexi can be a more affordable option because there is less labor involved in the installation. 
  • Plexi will never shatter! Unlike glass, if your piece falls off the wall or takes a hit from a flying toy, plexi will not crack. It’s a safe option for nurseries and playrooms or if you plan on moving or shipping the framed piece.

    Just remember - no Windex or chemical cleaners on plexi! Just a micro-fiber cloth or feather duster to gently clean it, and if it gets really dirty, pick up some plastic cleaner from the hardware store.

    Here at the shop we can show you samples of each type of glazing, and we will help you decide what the best choice is for your piece. Just come on by the shop or give us a call. Hope we made things crystal clear!